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Fire Extinguishers & Alarms

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    Fire Extinguishers & Alarms

    We also offer a wide range of fire fighting and safety equipment for your company to help keep your workplace safe.

    Fire Extinguishers and Alarms
    It is a legal requirement that businesses with a premises of trade must have some sort of working fire safety equipment. This equipment must be maintained and monitored on a regular basis to ensure it is in working order if it comes to being used. There are now many types of fire extinguishers and they are not all the traditional red colour, UK Fire Safety Solutions have years of experience in using fire extinguishers and can supply you with the best choice for your premises.

    Fire alarms are also very important for businesses and not just at home, fire alarms must also be in place on your businesses premises to ensure a fire can be detected as soon as possible. UK Fire Safety Solutions have used many fire alarms and know the best ones to use.

    Your business should have an evacuation route in your fire safety plan, all fire exits should be labelled clearly a long with any fire fighting equipment and any dangerous equipment. UK Fire Safety Solutions can offer all the correct safety signage and lighting to ensure your premises is labelled correctly so people understand where things are and what to do in the event of a fire.


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